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Click on the search bar in the top right corner and start typing. Once you've run the search, make sure to try our filter features as well on the result page.

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Maximize your sales with an AI-powered search engine and smart filters. Use Rapid Search to increase your conversion rate and improve customer retention in your Shopify store.

Top Features

We offer a variety of search, filter, and analytic features.

  • AI-based Smart Search bar

    Our unique, artificial intelligence-based search engine is actively learning from customers' behavior.

  • Customizable Filters

    You can add customizable product and collection filters to your store to help visitors find what they are looking for.

  • Product Recommendations

    Our adjustable product recommendations help guide visitors to specific products and categories.

  • Synonym Management

    By managing synonym groups, our search engine provides the most relevant search results .

  • Real-Time Search Statistics

    Our real-time search analytics provide useful information and a keyword report to our partners.

  • Typo Management

    Our search engine shows precise results even when there is mistake in the search term.

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Rapid Search is optimized for all platforms providing a convenient and easy-to-use user experience for your visitors.

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